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CVCA Annual General Meeting &
China Private Equity/Venture Capital Summit 201

November 27,2019
China Ballroom, China World Summit Wing, Beijing Language: Mandarin

CVCA Member Rate:Four complimentary passes for each organization; 
Non-member Rate:RMB6000 per person
(Registration and approval is required)

November 26th (Tuesday) China Ballroom (Internal invitation only)
14:30-16:00 4th Quarter Council


LP/GP Roundtable
Keynote: The Good and Bad of the China Market
Speaker: Weijian SHAN Chairman and CEO        PAG


LP/GP Exchange Dinner
Speech: Seize the Value-Added Opportunities of Post-Investment Management

Speaker: Chao SUN Senior Director        Alvarez & Marsal
November 27th (Wednesday) China Ballroom




Opening Remarks

David LIU Chairman   CVCA /Chairman    DCP Capital


Opening Remarks by Co-Chairman of the Summit

Wei CAI Co-head of the Investment Banking Division in China  Goldman Sachs

Forum 1: Marco Trends and Industry Strategies from the PE Perspective

  1. Facing the current economic downturn and increasing macro challenges at home and abroad, which industries are the best investments to withstand risks and even profit against the cycle?
  2. In the current macro environment, how should we look at the valuations of projects in primary and secondary markets? Should GPs adjust the pace of investment in the face of macro uncertainty?
  3. Is cross-border M&A more attractive when facing domestic macroeconomic uncertainty? Which countries or regions are the most interesting markets? How can we identify promising cross-border M&A opportunities?
  4. From the invested enterprises’ perspective, does the Sino-US trade friction have a substantial impact on the enterprise, or is the effect currently limited to the macro level?
  5. Looking at the market over the next few years, where should PE funds work to strengthen their capabilities and practice their internal skills so as to maintain excellent performance across cycles in the new market environment?
  6. How do USD and RMB investors differ as regards to PE fund management under the current macro conditions?
Weijian SHAN Chairman and CEO        PAG


David LIU Chairman   CVCA /Chairman    DCP Capital
Chang SUN

Managing Partner     TPG China

Shangzhi WU

Managing Partner     CDH

Fred HU Chairman and Founder       Primavera Capital Group

Forum 2: Macro Trends and Industry Strategies from the VC Perspective

  1. With high-tech investment blocked by the United States, growing industries encountering setbacks (children's education, P2P, used cars, bike sharing, electric vehicles), more listed companies faring poorly on their first day of trading, and capital investment passing through a cold spell, how do VCs find the next wave of innovation?
  2. After seeing the big trends of mobile Internet, social networking, and e-commerce, what are the new big trends in the VC industry?
  3. What new long-term opportunities are opened up by the Sino-US trade war?
  4. Is the RMB likely to become the mainstream currency for VC's early and high-tech investments?
  5. How can we evaluate the current state of the SSE STAR MARKET?
  6. How can we evaluate high-valuation, high-risk, and high-return projects?
Duane KUANG Founding Managing Partner     Qiming Venture Partners


Erhai LIU

Founding and managing partner     JOY Capital

James Shen Vice President of Qualcomm / Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures
Hao CHEN Managing Director/President     Legend Capital
Kui ZHOU Partner     Sequoia Capital China
Jixun FOO Managing Partner     GGV Capital
Henry YIN Partner     Cooley LLC
11:05-11:20 Release of CVCA Classic Case Collection (II)
11:20-11:30 Coffee Break

Forum 3: How Mainstream LPs View Financing Strategies and Measure GP

  1. As China's economy slows down and the capital market weakens, it is difficult for GP investments to stand on their own. How can LPs select GP that can withstand the cyclical downturn? Will they cut back on their positions in China?
  2. With the overall economy in decline and consumption weakening, what methods can GPs adopt to help invested companies through these difficult times? Have there been any adjustments to the expected returns on original investments?
  3. Facing such a market cycle, if LPs are more attentive to GP withdrawal at the project level, is this inconsistent with the long-term investment concept adopted by many GPs? 
  4. How will the Sino-US trade friction affect LPs' approach to their next investments? Moreover, will the political situation affect the investment allocations of U.S. LPs in China?
  5. What are the asset classes that domestic and foreign LPs focus on? What are their differences?
  6. Are mainstream investment opportunities shifting from growth minority investments to M&A-led holding investments (including leverage)? What are the different resources and skills are required of the fund management team in order to take advantage of these two opportunities?
Rebecca XU Co-Founder & Managing Director     Asia Alternatives
Wendy ZHU Managing Director of AlpInvest Partners
Weizhou SU Partner/head of Asia     Stepstone
Sally SHAN

Managing Director     HarbourVest Partners

Jiang BAO Deputy Director of the Equity Assets Department (Industrial Investment Department) of the National Council for the Social Security Fund
12:30-14:00 Lunch

Forum 4: Effective Value-Added Management during Post-Investment

  1. Facing economic slowdown, post-investment management is particularly important. How do mainstream GPs cooperate with the invested companies for effective post-investment management?
  2. How can post-investment management and teams effectively work together to contribute to the development of the invested companies?
  3. How can we establish an effective post-investment management team? What kind of management backgrounds and expertise can really contribute to the invested company?
  4. Are the post-investment management methods the same for controlling holding and minority investments? How can we succeed in post-investment management with a minority share investment?
  5. What kind of post-investment management participation and operation can effectively add value to invested companies in the Chinese market environment?
David QIU President & Partner     PAG


Sheng WANG Deputy Head and a Managing Director of the Investment Banking Department     CICC
Stephanie HUI

Co-Head of the Merchant Banking Division in Asia     Goldman Sachs

Paul YANG Head of Greater China     KKR
Jonathan ZHU

Managing Director     Bain Capital

Amanda ZHANG

Partner     PwC

15:00-15:10 Coffee Break

Forum 5: New Trends in New Areas

  1. How do early VC investments in China deal with and adapt to the Sino-US trade friction and the new global pattern?
  2. In which fields will Chinese technological innovation allow domestic companies to take the lead? What opportunities can be seized by early investment? What are our shortcomings?
  3. What challenges and opportunities will be created for early Chinese investors and entrepreneurs as standards and products in certain technology fields tend to be localized to the new landscape?
  4. How should we understand the rise of technological innovation and local models?
  5. Will the globalization of B2B and Internet enterprises be the next two major trends?
Wei ZHOU Founding Managing Partner        China Creation Ventures
Justin NIU

Partner   IDG Capital

Chaoyong WANG

Founding Chairman & CEO      ChinaEquity Group

Bowen ZHOU

Vice President of Head of JD AI

Wenda YUAN

Managing Partner     Redpoint China Ventures

Qinglu PU

Partner     Deloitte


Forum 6: Case Sharing - McDonald's and Hangzhou Tigermed

Dejun LUO Managing Director CITIC Capital Partners
William HU

Managing Partner  Qiming Venture Partners,


Ming JIN Managing Partner   Cygnus Equity
17:10 Conclusion

*Names of speakers are listed in alphabetic order.